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A Brand of Excellence

Our mission since 1999

A story made of ambition. Of firm steps and calculated risks. Demanding, dynamic, dedicated. We started as an online shop - the first comics-related online business to be established in Portugal - and gradually grew and evolved til we became much more than a simple shop. Today, KB is a reference BRAND, a guarantee of excellence. A brand unique in its diversity, its daring, its creative ability. Just look at the books we publish; at the events we put together; at our many contributions to the events we're involved with. For a passive attitude is not enough. Because Comics and POP Culture demand passion; demand enthusiasm; demand vision and the ability to imagine, to see much farther beyond. And that's why KB recently completed 17 years of existence. That's why it shows no sign of slowing down its evolution, of diminishing its enthusiasm or refraining its ambition. Because there's still too much to attain and because the future is unpredictable and hence fascinating. And it's just starting tomorrow.